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Custom Stickers

Are you looking for custom stickers or custom decals and want to get them at the best possible quality and for the lowest price? You have found the perfect company for the job! Red Rock Decals has years of experience dealing with all your custom stickers needs and we will make stickers exactly the way you need.

So, how do we make stickers? Red Rock Decals uses state of the art printing technology - we utilize modern digital print equipment, cutters and laminators. For larger quantities we use screen printing technology. We have highly qualified staff who operate the equipment and make the final preparations for your stickers. They do their best to ensure that every single sticker is of the highest quality and without any printing errors.

What do we call custom stickers? These are the most ordinary sort of stickers which can have almost any shape you want and come in any color with any image you like. Custom stickers are always in one piece.

What do we call custom decals? These are also stickers made out of vinyl material but do not have any background - your images and letters are in the color and shape you want, all computer-cut separately to integrate the decals perfectly with the final surface. For easy installation the custom decals get a special paper film on them which enables you to install the decals in one piece just like a normal sticker and you can easily remove the paper film once the decal is in place.

What is the durability of these stickers? Generally all our digitally printed custom stickers and custom decals are laminated and that will make them last for years to come. They are also protected for UV and therefore the colors will shine for a long time. It's also possible to order non-laminated stickers if the usage is mostly indoors or not for a very long period. Non-laminated stickers are slightly cheaper because of less work and materials needed. The screen printed stickers are very durable in most conditions and they do not need to be laminated. In most cases we give a 1 year warranty with every sticker we ship.

How to order the custom stickers?

We have already prepared some of the most popular custom sticker packages for you below so you can see the price and place your order straight away. To get your quote and more information for any special custom stickers and custom decals you need, please request a custom price quote. We make stickers precisely according to your wishes and if needed, we will take care of all the design work required.