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Flame Decals

Flame Decals

Want to add some awesome flame decals to your car? Order them from the No.1 expert of car decals online! We sell a great selection of these flame decals in the online store and new designs are being added to the selection constantly. We are dedicated to making your ride look unique and special, therefore you can trust us in this business completely.

How to install? The installation process of our flame decals is really simple. When ordering these, you will get two decals in the package to be used for either sides of the car. One is mirrored to look proper on both sides. The decals are computer cut to finest details and they have a special paper installation film placed on them which aids in installation. You will have to place the decals to the desired locations on your vehicle and attach them from the top edge using some paper masking tape. Make sure you don't place the tapes to the very ends of each side, you will need some room to start removing the backpaper and getting the first part of the decal installed to the surface. Once a few inches of the decal have been applied, you may remove all the pieces of the masking tape and just begin removing the backpaper with one hand and using a special installation tool slide along the decal with your other hand. Always direct the tool movements towards the not installed part of the decal so the air is released from underneath the sticker before it gets glued. You don't want to push the air under the decal - the result will be rather unpleasant. Once the whole decal is installed, remove the installation film carefully from the top of the decal. Be careful - make sure the thinner elements of the flame decals have also been glued strong and don't get peeled off the surface with the installation film.

Any questions? Just contact us and we will help you out!