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Race Car Rally Driver and Navigator Name Tags Sticker (Decal) 2 PCS Set

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Two identical sets of name tag decals with flags for your driver and passanger side windows or body surfaces. Fully customizable in size, country/state flag, name and text preferrence (all capital letters or normal text, color and style) for both rally car driver and navigator name tags.

The sticker will be die-cut with no background (separated letters and flag).

If you're looking to order a decal with one name (driver only), please click here.


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  • MATT BLACK - +$2.40
  • TOMATO RED - +$2.40
  • DEEP RED - +$2.40
  • BROWN - +$2.40
  • SOFT BLUE - +$2.40
  • AZURE BLUE - +$2.40
  • NAVY BLUE - +$2.40
  • PURPLE - +$2.40
  • ORANGE - +$2.40
  • MAGENTA - +$2.40
  • BRIGHT YELLOW - +$2.40
  • LEAF GREEN - +$2.40
  • GRASS GREEN - +$2.40
  • AQUA - +$2.40
  • LIGHT GREY - +$2.40
  • NIMBUS GREY - +$2.40
  • ALUMINUM SILVER - +$2.40
  • GOLD - +$2.40

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When I buy one product, how many decals do I actually get?

You will get two identical name tags in the set. Basically, you will get four rows: two rows for the driver's side and two rows for the navigator side. If you selected the flags to be facing the front of the car on both sides, one decal would have the flags in the front of the names and the other decal will have them after the names.

Is this a transparent background sticker or are the letters cut separately?
This is a separately cut decal which means that there will be no background and you can use it on any color surface. The letters are computer-cut out of high-quality vinyl.

Is the length of the decal together with the flag or just the name?
The length is for the whole decal - see the drawing above. We will measure the longest name and proportionally adjust the whole decal to match the ordered length.

If I select the flags to be facing to the front of the car are the passenger side names going to be aligned properly against the names also?
Yes! The decals will look exactly like those found on well-designed rally cars. We will take care of all this.

What kind of flags can I get?
Since we sell these tags all around the world, we have pretty much all the flags in our database. You can also request to use a flag of a certain U.S. state and other more specific flags. If we don't find the proper flag, we will, of course, contact you and arrange a replacement.

How durable are these decals?
As durable as they can get! We only use very high-quality vinyl when producing your decals, and they will stay on the surface for a long time.

How hard is the installation and can I do it by myself?
Yes, of course! It's straightforward to do, as all our decals come as a complete decal meaning that you will only have to remove the back paper and stick it onto the surface. You will not have to align any parts of the decal separately.

Can I order the decal with a custom font?
Sure, not a problem! Please write your preferred font name to the Comments section, and if there is a problem with the font, we will contact you. Otherwise, we'll go ahead and create it the way you like.

What if I don't have a navigator and want just one name?
We have a separate and cheaper product for just this purpose! Please click here to find it.

Are the decals going to arrive for my event this weekend?
Depends on where you live and what you order. We ship mostly from our American production shop, with our European shop utilized for some products. For US orders, shipping usually takes 3-5 days, and elsewhere in the world, shipping usually takes 6-18 days but can take as long as 25 days, depending on the country. Of course, you can use Express Mail Service for quick delivery or contact us for even quicker methods. We also offer urgent decal productions and shipments on request! Contact us for more info.

How quickly are you going to produce the decals?
It depends how long of a queue we have but generally, it won't take more than five business days (especially with custom orders). Usually we ship 2-3 business days after ordering.

Additional Information

Warranty 1 year
Warranty Conditions Our warranty covers peeling, cracking, delamination, and fading. The product shall not be exposed to excessive heat (more than outdoor temperatures) or strong chemicals. Installation has to be done onto a clean and dry surface. Warranty does not cover problems that arise from inproper installation of the decal.

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Customer Reviews

wow thanks Review by maria from states
Customer Rating
fast shipping and much better service than found here locally (Posted on 3/8/2012)
Excellent Review by Mazda
Customer Rating
Excellent quality - lots of options re: flags (Posted on 2/16/2012)
great stuff Review by axel
Customer Rating
Service is excellent, they made some customizations exactly how i wanted. gonna install the decals today. (Posted on 2/11/2012)

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